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This page presents demonstration and training materials for the Design CoPilot™ application. Included are training modules and examples of using the Design CoPilot™ application. The 3 training modules are presented as Quicktime movies () and the 3 examples are presented as PowerPoint files ().


HFYI Design CoPilot™ Introduction

This QuickTime movie presentation provides information describing the purpose, content, and organizational structure of the HFYI Design CoPilot™.

Module 1: HFYI Design CoPilot: An Introduction
( 13.7 MB QuickTime file, 13:41 runtime)
Provides a description of the intended purpose of the HFYI Design CoPilot and the current content of the tool. The presentation briefly describes our human factors considerations, the intended users, some tasks that may be accomplished using HFYI Design CoPilot, and the general interface layout.

Design CoPilot Functionality and Interface Basics

These QuickTime movie presentations provide an overview of the purpose and capabilities for the Design CoPilot™ application.

Module 2: Accessing Information in the Design CoPilot
( 9,272 KB QuickTime file, 9:03 runtime)
This presentation provides the basics of searching for, and accessing, information in the new web-based interface.
Module 3: User Resources and Additional Functionality in the Design CoPilot
( 5,155 KB QuickTime file, 4:52 runtime)
This presentation highlights some of the new features available in the web-based interface.

Design CoPilot Examples

These presentations walk through how to find information in the Design CoPilot™ using some possible certification-related scenarios.

Training Exercise #1
( 1,540 KB PowerPoint file)
This exercise addresses one method for identifying a set of Human Factors Considerations (HFCs) that are related to a specific FAA regulation.
Training Exercise #2
( 3,488 KB PowerPoint file)
This exercise entails gathering information to help determine whether a particular design specification may be likely to cause any safety issues.
Training Exercise #3
( 2,746 KB PowerPoint file)
This exercise highlights two different information search and gathering techniques and trade-offs associated with each method depending on the specific nature of the search you are conducting.