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The HFYI Design CoPilot is a proven job aid for gathering the information you need to make timely and effective human factors decisions related to your flight deck design and evaluation.




A Smart Start
Start your design and certification process with confidence. HFYI Design CoPilot supports you in ensuring that you ask all of the right questions and address all of the human factors considerations and tradeoffs from the very beginning of a design project and mitigate costly design revisions late in the process.
Systematic and Comprehensive
HFYI Design CoPilot provides structure to allow you to accomplish a thorough review of relevant human factors considerations for all of your design projects independent of the type of technology. A systematic approach improves your ability to consistently make well-informed design decisions whether it is your first design project or your 50th.
Time is short - work more efficiently and effectively
HFYI Design CoPilot contains all of the important resources for your design project in one place that is easy to access via an internet connection. You can accomplish more regardless of the time you have available.
Decision Support
HFYI Design CoPilot supports in developing the right answers for your design project in a timely manner by providing structure for your decision making and quick access to information to support you independent of your role within the design process, your personal background, education, or experience.
A Common Language
HFYI Design CoPilot enhances communication among the diverse members of many design and certification teams by providing a common language that is easy to understand regardless of your team members' background, experience, or area of responsibility within the design or certification process.

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